Esther's Housecleaning
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Commercial Service
Esther's Housecleaning
With every service, Esther's  Office Cleaning provides:

*Non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners and sanitizers
*100% biodegradable trash bags
*High efficiency vacuum
*Ultrafiltration vacuum bag
*Microfiber mops and dusting cloths
*other necessary supplies

Premium Service

Esther's Office cleaning  offers a Premium Service (see tasks 1-8 below.) Choose the entire Premium Green Service for the most comprehensive cleaning or customize it by choosing only specific tasks.

1.* General dusting and removing cobwebs
(ceilings, corners, light fixtures, window sills, cleared space on counters, shelves and desks, computer equipment, wires, cables, power strips)
2. Clean and sanitize restrooms
(mirrors, sinks, counters, toilets, floors)
3. Stock restroom paper products (towels, bath tissue)
4. Clean and sanitize break room or kitchenette
(sinks, counters, floors)
5. Clean and sanitize cleared space on all other counters/desktops
6. Empty trash/recycling and line receptacles
7. Vacuum or dust mop floors
8. Wet mop floors (other than restroom and breakroom)9.
9. Window Cleaning including glass walls and doors and exterior windows. 

Call us for a free estimate at (949) 735-9738 or e-mails us at
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